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Useful Information

What is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor?

Chartered Surveyor is the description of Professional Members and Fellows of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland and Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors entitled to use the designation (and a number of variations such as "Chartered Building Surveyor" or "Chartered Quantity Surveyor” depending on their field of expertise.
 Quantity Surveyors are highly trained and experienced construction professionals. They offer impartial, specialist advice on a variety of construction related issues and the services which they provide are many. They work on projects ranging from office blocks, schools, hospitals, factories to bridges, railways, oil and mining development, shipbuilding and large process engineering works such as oil refineries. Anywhere, indeed, that major construction work is carried out.
Quantity surveyors work in the private sector with consulting firms, in the public sector mainly with the Government Departments/Authorities and with building contractors, financiers/banks, property developers, project managers and universities.
The representative professional bodies are Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors(RICS)
Property Insurance
See separate section on website  on insurance and rebuild calculations 'Reinstatement Valuations'
Is your house sufficiently insured?
Are you over insured and therefore wasting money paying an inflated insurance premium for no additional benifit?
Are you under insured and therefore at risk of your insurance cover not fully providing for your rebuild costs? This could cost you thousands.
If any of these are applicable to your home you should consider getting a house reinstatement valuation survey done, it could save you thousands........
Your home is likely your most valuable asset so you should make sure it is properly protected.
-Know what the insurance policy covers.
-Know how much coverage is required.
Remember, it is not your home's market value that should be covered, but rather its replacement cost i.e; the total cost to totally rebuild your house in the event that it has been totally destroyed. Demolition cost, Professional fees, Vat etc. must all be included.
Find A Surveyor
Looking for a Chartered Surveyor in your area. Go to and 'Find A Surveyor' section.
Check if your Surveyor is Chartered
Go to and use the 'Check' tool.
Building Energy Rating 
All existing Dwellings require a BER Cert if they are being advertised for sale, to let or if you are applying for grant support.  
Air Tightness Test (To  follow)
When Do I Not need Planning Permission 
Generally when...
-Building an extension to the rear of the house which does not increase the original floor area of the house by more than 40 square metres and is not higher than the house.
- When converting a garage attached to the rear or side of the house to domestic use so long as it has a floor area not exceeding 40 square metres. 
-Building a front porch so long as it does not exceed two square metres in area and is more than two metres from a public road or footpath. If the porch has a tiled or slated pitched roof, it must not exceed four metres in height or three metres for any other type of roof.
As each project is different Always seek professional advice.
Building Control Amendment Regulation SI 9 2014(To follow)